BizAncor is a low cost, easy customisable supply-chain ERP for the SME segment that addresses complex functional requirements in the Inventory & Accounting space for different Businesses for whom the mega ERPs currently in existence are an overkill, in terms of cost and utility. Deployment of the product facilitates swift responses to management queries that assists decision making. It acts as a ready reckoner for Senior leadership to assess the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

BizAncor's work flow and data-integrity provides the rigour that matches any well known large ERP in the market today. The solution has been designed and developed by specialised Consultants who have in-depth experience in handling complex inventory scenarios - be it variety or scale. The product's core strength is in its ability to scale seamlessly. Specific nuances associated with a particular vertical can be easily integrated to the existing design, at the same time ensuring that the robustness of the base product is retained.    

Deploying BizAncor helps to...

  • Organise Inventory
  • Gain visibility into inventory holding
  • Optimise Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Reap benefits of large ERP products at a fraction of the cost
  • Leverage Dynamic Query Builder Module that provides on the fly answers to queries.
  • Schedule & Automate specific queries at a defined periodicity
  • Track Critical Material Usage
  • Create visibility of Machinery held
  • Track Machinery movement across multiple Sites and geographies
  • Achieve an overall Cataloguing improvement
  • Leverage historical data to plan setting up of new Sites
  • Evolve KPIs of key functional Heads
  • Perform effective Lead Time Analysis
  • Evolve a Vendor Evaluation Criteria
  • Obtain a Comparative Statement of Bids received on the fly
  • Ensure that compliance norms and standard business practices are adhered to by all Users
  • Leverage flexibility of RBAC implementation to assign tasks
  • Assess overall Planning, Purchasing and Stocking efficiency

BizAncor – Business Advantage

  • Light Weight
  • Hosted on Cloud
  • Tailored for specific industry segment
  • Scalable
  • best fit technology
  • Quick roll-out
  • Easy maintenance
  • SAP-like functionality at fraction of its cost
  • Meets most compliance requirement


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