Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management including IT Disaster Recovery

The Periculum team in their experience has observed that, be it a man-made crisis like a terrorist attack, or a natural calamity like flooding or an earthquake, those Organizations who are prepared have had less impact on their business and over a period of time become truly resilient. Periculum believes that having no plan for business continuity is a disaster in itself. Periculum BCM Model is based on BS 25999 and is as illustrated below :


A cryptographer guru - states on ‘Worst case Thinking’ (Bruce Schneier – CRYPTO GRAM, 15 May 2010 , ) , that his nightmare scenario was that people kept talking about their nightmare scenarios. He goes on to add that certain blindness comes from worst case thinking. ‘An extension of the precautionary principle, it involves imagining the worst possible outcome and then acting as if it were a certainty. It substitutes imagination for thinking, speculation for risk analysis and fear for reason. It fosters powerlessness and vulnerability and magnifies social paralysis. And it makes us more vulnerable to the effects of terrorism.’ Yet it is true that Organizations who have not got their contingency plans in order, and who have not anticipated well the worst case scenarios, have found it difficult to compete – perhaps a contradiction in terms.

The customized solution we offer is a combination of a holistic management process that analyze the most critical areas of business on the one hand and on the other leverages an automated tool that will present the senior management with clarity the lay-out of their assets and a metric that tangibly quantifies business impact. Commencing with identification of potential threat and its real-time impact to business operations enables one to draw an organizational resilience framework. Our solution ensures adequate safeguard to the interests of key stakeholders, brand name, and valued activities/services.

The Periculum Edge would ensure :

  • Business Continuity Solutions and services are completely aligned with British Standard BS-25999.
  • Continuity risks are identified, Assesses and Managed using Periculum BCM tool in addition to organizational resources.
  • Impact on business due to any disruption or outages is analyzed and a metric is provided around critical parameters.
  • Business Continuity strategy is architected in a manner that it is completely aligned with business goals and is based on Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Continuity Planning covering:
    • Incident Management that includes Crisis Command Centre Infrastructure and Team Setup, Crisis Communication & Media Management.
    • Holistic recovery that includes Technology (IT), Work Space Recovery, Supply Chain and Logistics, Human Resources (Key staff and skills) & Business Processes.
  • BCM program is Implemented in a manner that it successfully handles any disruption event as planned.
  • BCM Program is maintained by way of systematically controlling each element of BC lifecycle and managing change especially with respect to technology, to ensure overall Organizational efficiency
  • An efficient BCM culture is embedded within the organization that includes Planned Testing, Scenario Trainings, Drills, Audit, Feedback and Review mechanisms.
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