One of the biggest challenges that large Organisations face today be it in Government or the Corporate, is a substantial flow of digital documents within its network and their subsequent storage. Despite the various controls implemented against stiff Compliance and Info Sec standards the test of effectiveness of ensuring document safety continues to elude. While there are a number of thoughts on how an effective implementation can come about, an ideal answer is yet to evolve. We at Periculum, have seen and experienced the struggle that the CISOs/Data Privacy officers face when the Client becomes extremely unforgiving against a multitude of data privacy regulations.

It is our understanding that to get to the utopian state we start small; we bring a culture of sensitising the importance of classifying data as a user creates or uses it. In order to do that there is a need to configure the applicable classification labels with each label indicating a degree of sensitivity. The user then takes ownership of the content and decides to attach the label against the concerned document. A Data Privacy or Audit Officer can effect a snap audit on any work station, machine and location where files are stored and he would want a quick MIS to check the current status on any machine.

DocClassPro® ensures that every document within an organization is stamped with a classification label as specified. It provides many features such as scanning, auto monitoring, and classification of documents. It also provides many add-on features such as version controlling. DocClassPro® Version 1.0 helps you attain the basic minimum of the test of effectiveness of ISO/IEC 27001:2005 A.7.2. DocClassPro® supports following platforms:

Windows 7®
Windows XP®
Windows Vista®

The file extensions that it supports are: .doc, .docx, .xls,  .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx and .pdf

The supported MSOffice® versions are Office 97, 2003, 2007 & 2010.
(Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and MSOffice are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc.)

DocClassPro – Key Building Block Of Your Information Security Program

  • DocClassPro® is a product that sits between document management on one side and document protection on the other. It enables users of an organization to classify and label documents based on internal policy.
  • DocClassPro® also gives a consolidated insight to an InfoSec/Data Privacy manager on the document inventory holding viz a viz the classification, something that is absent in many organizations.
  • Functional intent of DocClassPro® is to promote hygiene for electronic document handling and establish a culture of document ownership within organizations.

Features of DocClassPro® Version 1.0

  • DocClassPro® Version 1.0 has two types of scans an automatic scan and an on demand scan.
  • Users shall be able to scan their local systems as and when they want using scan on demand feature.
  • The scanning process shall be able to provide a complete list of documents, whether they are classified, the document class they belong to, and other such useful information.
  • These reports can be saved/exported, transmitted and archived for future business analysis.
  • Possesses reporting facilities that are capable of providing detailed stats on classification information on each machine.

Context Setting - DocClassPro®

  • A document in the DocClassPro® context is a piece of electronic information in any standard format such as image, audio, video, presentation, spreadsheet, word processor or email that exists within the domain of the organization.
  • A document might originate from within the organization such as a ‘Project Report’ or beyond the organization such as a ‘Request For Proposal’. Similarly a document might terminate within or beyond an organization.
  • Depending on its origin, a document can be classified as:
    •    Internal
    •    External
  • Internal Documents could be classified as ‘Secret’, ‘Confidential’ etc depending on the Info Sec policy around this control.
  • Internal documents are authored and owned by the users/roles within the organization.
  • External documents are authored by users/roles external to the organization but owned by users/roles internal to the organization.
  • Internal documents are first classified by its author while external documents are first classified by its owner.

Benefits of DocClassPro®

  • DocClassPro® 1.0 ensures that Privacy of a document is maintained within and beyond an organization.
  • Each document bears a classification stamp specifying how it is to be treated in terms of its access and usage.
  • Each document has a version controlling mechanism assisting in maintaining a version-history.
  • DocClassPro® 1.0 transforms User awareness and makes them accountable for their data.
  • Data Privacy/Info Sec Manager would be able to obtain a consolidated statistic of classified documents across the enterprise through a manual mode.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is DocClassPro® a Document Management or a Rights Management Tool?

DocClassPro® is neither a Document Management nor a Rights Management Tool. In fact it sits between the two. It essentially facilitates each user to label a Document with the appropriate classification – as promulgated by the Data Privacy/ Info Sec Manager of the Organization. Configuration and naming of the labels is done as a one-time activity as a part of the Install.

2. Is each employee in your Organsiation aware of the Document Inventory holding on his/her machine?

The answer to that is most likely – NO! DocClassPro® facilitates each user to run a scan on the desired folder that gives him a real- time update on the Document Holding along with the Classification details. He/She would be in a better position to implement any policies around protecting Documents that are classified – say ‘Confidential’.

3. Did you know that Document Classification is an ISO 27001 control? If you did, does your Organsiation have a measure around its effectiveness?

Document Classification falls under Asset Management, Information Classification, section 7.2 of ISO 27001. DocClassPro® is a tool that enables measuring test of effectiveness of this control.

4. Does your Organsiation’s Data Privacy/Info Sec Manager have a line of sight on the total volume of ‘Confidential’ documents within the enterprise and which BU holds the maximum number of these documents?

DocClassPro®’s mail integration & reporting feature provides the Data Privacy/Info Sec Manager with detailed drill down on the Enterprise’s Document inventory with regards Classification.

5. Is DocClassPro® an MSOffice add-in?

No! The current version of DocClassPro® supports MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and PDF. It operates as a Windows Service and the user is prompted for providing classification label when he/she closes the Document.

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