Information Security Management

Information is a key asset for any organisation today. Threats to today’s extended business are many, both from internal and from external sources. Complexities and ever increasing dependencies on IT assets are bringing in new vulnerabilities. ISO 27001 and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) are now familiar terms within an extended enterprise. It is getting increasingly important for an organisation to safeguard its key information and use it as a controlled resource.

Periculum’s Information Security Management services will help identify and protect classified information that exists in your organisation in both digital and non-digital forms.

Government, Defence, Telecom, Refineries, Education, Finance and Banking sectors, as also Hospitals and R&D units of businesses are known to create and access confidential information about its business processes, employees, customers, and products. Loss of such crucial information can be catastrophic for an organisation and may result in loss of business, loss of reputation, legal issues including law suits and bankruptcy.

Periculum’s wide array of services allow you to choose from its modular services like implementing a specific InfoSec control to providing a holistic risk & vulnerability assessment services especially tailored for your organisation.

The Periculum Edge

  • Provide consulting services in rolling out an ISMS initiative, including assisting the Customer Organisation in preparing for an ISO 27001 external audit.
  • Effect gap analysis against ISO 27001 standards and/or other industry best practices including global laws on Data Protection and Privacy.
  • Perform a quick dip-stick audit to measure effectiveness of InfoSec controls.
  • Provide an impetus to the test of effectiveness of some of the controls through our tools/solutions
  • Provide an added edge leveraging our Technology Risk handling capability.


Client benefits

  • InfoSec Audit of key functions and departmental reviews
  • Implementation of ISO27001 controls and practices.
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Training programs on Information Security


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