Technology Risk Management

Investments in technologies within an Organsiation have always been piecemeal. The dynamics of the environment compel that solutions and roll outs that govern organisational frameworks are generally based on ‘tactics’ than ‘strategy’. Continued incremental build to manage technology-environment gets counterproductive over time, but the fear of rebuilding something from scratch ensures that CTOs tend to pull the weight along.... hoping that nothing will go wrong during his/her watch. While many Corporate Organsiations have made attempts to holistic security measures to ensure IT Security compliance & associated Risks, addressing the heterogeneous and in many cases vintage state of IT Infra, both in hardware and software spaces – the cracks continue to exist. Tweaking manual processes may satisfy ‘Risk Officers’; but is the techie convinced that the proposed solution is above board?

It is here that Periculum steps in, to deep – dive into the specific issues attempting to provide high quality one-time fixes, as a part of the mitigation strategy, that has a technology-lean and perhaps an associated cost and time overhead – but surely serving much more than a misleading RAG status. Periculum team’s experience is that while Check Lists and Process definitions & templates are necessary, it is by no means Sufficient to ensure a qualitative assessment. So as a part of the solutioning framework it highlights the gap in understanding between the state of a particular Risk, how it is being addressed currently, the general ‘comfort’ level within the senior management on the current scenario and What the ‘Actual Reality’ is?

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