DocClassPro®- Your Document Classification & Labeling Solution

  • It is a product that sits between document management on one side and document protection on the other. It enables users of an organisation to classify and label documents based on internal policy.
  • It also gives a consolidated insight to an InfoSec/Data Privacy manager on the document inventory holding viz a viz the classification, something that is absent in many organisations.
  • Functional intent of the product is to promote hygiene for electronic document handling and establish a culture of document ownership within organisations. best replica watches


  • Forces each user within to classify documents they create or hold.
  • Provides each user a consolidated picture of Classified Information held on his/her work station/ shared folders.
  • Ensures that Each document within bears a classification stamp.
  • Ensures that each document has a version controlling. Mechanism assisting in maintaining a version-history.
  • Transforms User awareness and makes them accountable for their data.
  • Assists Data Privacy/Info Sec Manager/Risk Manager to obtain a consolidated statistic of classified documents across the enterprise.
  • Provides a verification mechanism to check that no unauthorized locations have any documents stored.
  • Management information created through DocClassPro® can be used in taking informed decisions for protection of oragnisation data.replica watches
  • Enhances Info Sec culture across the organization.

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