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Key Modules of BizAncor® have been developed as Mobile app for localized distribution within the business environment. Facility to Sync Data with the parent System has been provided. The app has been so designed factoring constraints involved with the Storekeeping staff to update Material Management information real time from remote sites, where ergonomics prevents PC / Laptop usage and where only mobile connectivity exists.

BizAncor® Mobile interface assists Store Managers to carry out Issues of Items required by Site Engineers / Staff. It also has functionality built in to take Items on charge into the Inventory. This application comes in handy especially where the concerned site has IT Infra limitations. One to one chat facility has been provided as a part of the application & where a communication needs to be sent to a larger team, provision for that too has been catered for. This proves advantageous when a Head Office wants to communicate with a site or vice-versa. Since all this information is stored in a central database it is always available to the Organisation. Mechanisms to deactivate Mobiles centrally have also been factored.

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The FTDS system has a large component that has been developed on Android platform. Information of distribution & delivery have to be captured at multiple sites on a daily basis. Mobile devices are apt. Since the application has been envisaged for the rural sector, multilingual capability has been built in.

Critical layers of the FTDS application have been developed as a Mobile application. A major set of Users of the application would essentially be the security staff at the Gate (who would be responsible for checking and confirming details of the food being transported) and the Delivery staff who would be effecting the distribution activity. Based on the kind of information that these stake-holders would need to input, UI layer has been designed.

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Social Networking Applications

Some sample screen shots of social networking applications demonstrated as Proof of Concept...

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